Hotel Management System

The system must be foolproof to avoid unauthorized access using the guest cards, and while striving to achieve that, the guest's positive experience cannot be compromised at any cost. By having a guest's fingerprint data in the room's card, security is brought to another level. No swapping of cards between guests and visitors is possible, hostel personnel's access into the rooms would be better managed by having the personnel's fingerprint available and traceable in the terminals, and the checking-in process for guests would be fast and convenient. FingerTec Biometrics Solution is exclusively designed to meet a hostel lock system requirements.

The advantages are :

• No Worries About Lost Keys Fingerprint Mifare Card Writer as Mifare Card Issuance Station

• Provides extra security where the cards are exclusively assigned to particular guests.

• It can also be expanded to include public areas such as Swimming Pool, Sauna Room, Tennis Court, Game Room,
  Meeting Room etc.

• Multiple operators with different card-issuing authorization, printing of lock operation records, receptionist card issuing
  record, guest card expiry control, and optional flexibilities.